10:25 PM|W|P|Olympia Dave|W|P|
Nothing reminds me like breakfest then bacon and eggs.
|W|P|114646124224311098|W|P|Random thought > "Bacon and Eggs"|W|P|olympiadave360@gmail.com10:17 PM|W|P|Olympia Dave|W|P|
Cluster Maps
If you are curious about where your users are coming from, sign up for a free account and see who's looking at your porfile, website, or whatever.
|W|P|114646091997172989|W|P|BOOKMARKed by Olympia Dave|W|P|olympiadave360@gmail.com10:13 PM|W|P|Olympia Dave|W|P|

Nothing reminds me more then the waves crashing against a boat. Or maybe a cruise ship. I personally enjoy finding entertainment aboard a luxury cruise ship. The food is something elese and theirs something about being one with the sea.
|W|P|114646059889006299|W|P|Like being at sea.|W|P|olympiadave360@gmail.com10:20 PM|W|P|Blogger Belinda|W|P|the ocean has that affect on people its great and really relaxing10:04 PM|W|P|Olympia Dave|W|P|

Trandsending events happen, I'm stangered tonight from doing a search of a topic to ramble about. I guess I will ramble on about being close to the a shipping port. Its nice to see some activity going on.
|W|P|114646033433520658|W|P|Trandsending events|W|P|olympiadave360@gmail.com9:20 PM|W|P|Olympia Dave|W|P|
I've been watching the TV Series : House which seems to get interesting at times. Tonight is another treat. It makes me think, and seems like thats all I do.
|W|P|114602524398949912|W|P|Another night of house|W|P|olympiadave360@gmail.com10:56 PM|W|P|Olympia Dave|W|P|
Looking around for something to do, always seems to get me into trouble. I got a speeding ticket today, again, but it was a great test for my anxiety issue, and I applied my training to the situation and made it outta the sticky situation.
|W|P|114551310970003100|W|P|Speeding is a crime.|W|P|olympiadave360@gmail.com8:11 PM|W|P|Olympia Dave|W|P|

Here are some photos to enjoy while I think of something to say.
|W|P|114541655440569299|W|P|Enjoying another nice evening|W|P|olympiadave360@gmail.com6:58 PM|W|P|Olympia Dave|W|P|
Check it
|W|P|114532568483329996|W|P|Whats wrong with you?|W|P|olympiadave360@gmail.com1:57 PM|W|P|Olympia Dave|W|P|

I'm still debting about this question, I think Seattle is bigger but I think that Portland has a more growth potential and has alot more expandable regions.
|W|P|114530764001607053|W|P|Question: Anybody know whats bigger Portland or Seattle?|W|P|olympiadave360@gmail.com1:53 PM|W|P|Olympia Dave|W|P|

I had the wonderfull oppertunity to visit one of Portland finest musumes for Science and Technology. The musuam had many fine attrations and lots of intereation with the attendee. I happened to like the planatary, as it reminded me that we are all stars, made of cabon and oxygen and that there could be life elesewhere if we look hard enough.
|W|P|114530735592282170|W|P|Portland Science and Technology|W|P|olympiadave360@gmail.com1:46 PM|W|P|Olympia Dave|W|P|

Well, I just remembered a wonderful meal I had while in Portland at a restaurant called Oba! located at 555 NW 12th Ave, in Portland, OR.
Let me first say that the service was wonderful and the meal cannot be beat. I had some of the best tasteing food I have ever had at this fine establishment.

The dishes were perpared by a master chef and his crew which caters to many dishes from Central and South America.
If I were a food critic I would give thease folks a 5 star rateing.
|W|P|114530704970331995|W|P|A Wonderful meal|W|P|olympiadave360@gmail.com1:41 PM|W|P|Olympia Dave|W|P|

I've heard rumors that there could be Curling happening at the Lloyd Center so I wanted to see for myself. Well their wasn't, but the mall is very big and their was a ice scateing rink in the middle. I wasn't brave enough to rent some skates and fall flat on my butt, but I did happen to take a picture of the Zamboni :-)
|W|P|114530676966940078|W|P|Lloyd Center Adventure|W|P|olympiadave360@gmail.com4:06 PM|W|P|Olympia Dave|W|P|

Their is a quote, somewhere, which I cant remember where, but something does exist, maybe I will find it.

Here a picture of the trail in which I walked up the other day. The air was quite clear and the drive was very mellow.

|W|P|114505712648838091|W|P|It seems to be raining again....|W|P|olympiadave360@gmail.com1:22 PM|W|P|Olympia Dave|W|P|
Going for a hike in a rain forest is something but a work out. Hopefully it wont rain on the camera.
|W|P|114504640868070586|W|P|Trying to find my own peace of mind|W|P|olympiadave360@gmail.com1:57 PM|W|P|Blogger DaveW|W|P|Great start to your blog dude! I need to come up with content like this for mine.1:13 PM|W|P|Olympia Dave|W|P|

Sometimes the oldies just have the orginal feel of life. While on a drive through Oakville I stoped to shoot this photo. Maybe I'll go back and enjoy a meal at this establishment.
|W|P|114504600290102792|W|P|Paint Me a CAFE|W|P|olympiadave360@gmail.com1:03 PM|W|P|Olympia Dave|W|P|
Just like my buddy "Bug" were just hanging in their. After my mental retreat from the hospital I'm wondering if "Bug" was still in the neighborhood.

I took this picture a while ago and have yet to see him land on something, either he's flying outside or he's in my linen closet.

My mental retreat was very good for me. I got to meet a selected group of folks who were much like me and we all discovered that we had a mental disorder called BIPOLAR.

In future posts I will try to explain to the best of my abilty the disorder that effects alot of people.
|W|P|114504540293338237|W|P|Hangin in their|W|P|olympiadave360@gmail.com12:54 PM|W|P|Olympia Dave|W|P|
BOINC at Berkley is a computer program which is a wonderfull screen saver that will allow you and your computer to join the fight for AIDS. With the many computers I fix I wish they were all running this program. It is one of the few that allow you to pertisapate in computing power.

My machine is finding how well one of many potential drug molecules fits into the pockets of Human Immunodeficiency Virus Protease. The best molecules found will be lab tested, and could lead to new drugs in the fight against AIDS.

This is a free program and I would recommend it to anyone who's computer just sits in the corner.
|W|P|114504483956743173|W|P|BOINC|W|P|olympiadave360@gmail.com12:46 PM|W|P|Olympia Dave|W|P|
You are currently looking at Santiago, Chile, located in South America. When I was a wee little boy, a little less then two, I left Chile to persue my freedom and happiness in the United States. Little did I know what I was leaving.

I will try and locate articles for posting but it wasn't a good time for my culture or heritage. I'm glad I didn't have a say in my departure from Chile, I dont know if I would be alive if I did.

I'm currently listening to a country song called Lot of Leavin left to do...By Dierks Bentley. It seems to reflect my current mood for this post.
|W|P|114504443144001410|W|P|Lot of Leavin left to do|W|P|olympiadave360@gmail.com11:43 AM|W|P|Olympia Dave|W|P|

This is the beginning of something. It really depends on how much I edit this but hopefully I will keep it up to date.

I took a road trip the other day to Capital Forest, which is located in Olympia. The rich foliage along with the peaceful tranquility, has made Capital Forest a wonderful spot for relaxation.

I will randomly drive to the rain forest when I want to escape for the city. The photo above is one of many rich greens that can be found within this forest.

The trail I hike up was a 1 mile loop, nothing to difficult, but it truly was very fulfilling that afternoon.